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From living room, to office, now to school space, it seems as if the rooms we once used for play have a whole new function. How do we go about making these adjustments while dealing with size and budget? How do we make the space functional? These are valid questions that I myself have asked. While researching countless blogs on Pintrest and pinning many beautiful pictures and ideas I came to the conclusion that I needed to evaluate what makes sense for our home and not focus on the details in the pictures. Here is a list of tips that I hope can guide you in the right direction to create a homeschool space that fits your families needs.

1. Decide where to create homeschool space.

Think about a space in the home that is currently not being used. If you are limited in space, as I am, can you re-configure a room to open an area that is free of distractions. I know if I sit with my computer on the couch I am bound to turn on the TV!

2. Find the right work surface and designate it for school.

A desk, table, or a flat surface that can be left undisturbed is perfect. Chances are if it ends up being the same table that you eat dinner on, the work can become disorganized and when sitting down to work you may find yourself hungry!

3. Set up the right supplies including organizers.

Just like preparing for the first day of school, be prepared for the first day of homeschool. Equip the work space with pencils, pens, paper, notebooks, books, and a spot for the computer. Part of the excitement of school was purchasing those cute erasers, that fancy pencil holder, and decorating your notebook. Just because we are working from doesn’t mean that we have to sacrifice!

4. Aesthetics

When creating a space for my daughter, I allowed her to pick out a few little aesthetic pieces that bring out her own personality. She choose a cloud white board, where she can write inspirational quotes daily, another white board with the days of the week listed so she can write out her daily schedule, 4 cork boards with cute push pins, and a blue lamp that accents her desk. These were just a few things that give her excitement to sit in her space she created.

5. It is not the classroom.

I know I can get caught up in the adorable, pottery barn, perfect homeschool space picture I found on pintrest, but the reality is, in my home, nothing stays that nice and I want to stay within a budget. As I mentioned earlier, I needed to figure out for our family what works for us and also needed to remember not to beat myself up for the space not being perfect. My house is NOT a classroom. It just needs to be functional for our family.

We would love to see your space and hear any tips you may have! Share your ideas with us on facebook and instagram @morongobasinmoms .



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